As per my previous post a few days ago, it has been months since I updated my blog. It was in the back of my mind but time passed so quick and before I knew it, I was back in England trying to find my feet. Thank you to everyone still having the patience to follow.

So really I need to start with the basics of what has been going on since Feb which seems a lifetime ago and in a lot of ways, was a lifetime ago....

I left America in late April. Haing tried to find employment in something that could have legally kept me in America, I failed. My visa expired, I ended up overstaying and was terribly down about having to leave. Having been in America for just under a year, I had found work, friends, a home and a new life. I knew it wasn't sustainable but I was happy and sadly it had to end. I love America which everyone who knows me was aware of. Trying to teach in America without relevant visas though became impossible and I realised I had to come back in order to get the ball rolling here with my teaching. I bid farewell to everyone in April and found myself full circle back in my hometown that I had not lived in for four years.

Being back has been quite hard to adjust. Obviously I missed many people here but everyone had again moved on with their lives in terms of having kids, marrying, mortgages, bigger and better jobs and I knew I had to do the same in terms of career.

Since being back I managed to find work in telesales. For the time being it has kept me going while I catch up with friends, work towards my teaching and start my life back up in England. will keep posting with better topics and updates...



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