Well I am in my last semester of University and this week is the beginning of the end so speak. First week of classes, last semester of school. 

Well it is Tues and I have two classes. As part of another stupid resolution I decided to start running again which I have not done for quite a long time. So before class at 9am, I woke up at 7am, got dressed and decided to run 2 miles around Derby still half asleep. What woke me up was the near death suffocating I was experiencing from not having run in quite a while. Still, limit the cigs, limit the alcohol and maybe I might complete 2 miles without sounding like death warmed up.

So class was at 9am and I am taking a module on Contemporary cinema. Well, actually all of my classes are prescribed so I don't get to choose. Sometimes this is a good thing since I end up doing classes I enjoy but might not have chosen to begin with and then other times I have to do a class that I hate. This particular class though seemed ok. Mainly looking at films made after the Vietnam war period. Updates will follow on the progress of this class.

So after that class I came home and actually updated this blog. I made myself a cup of tea (yes I am a huge tea drinker. How do you think us English ruled an Empire?) 

My second class was at 1pm and this was on the culture of terrorism. This particular class was kind of interesting since it looks at the 'culture' of terrorism and not just the 'act' of terrorism. This mainly looked at 9/11 which will obviously become a big part of the semester.

After class I went and got groceries and came back to make myself a jacket potato and beans. Most people will wonder why I would ever write that in here but I figured i should note that Sainsburys sells x4 potatos for 66p and a tin of beans for like 55p and you put them two bad boys together and you got a filling, inexpensive meal. I should know, I been living on the bloody things forever.