I was having a conversation with a friend last night about women! Obviously being a guy that is all we talk about. We moan about women, we curse them. We curse our wives and our girlfriends and our daughters (I don't have any). My girlfriend’s female dog gets cursed everyday. After a couple of pints though, my friend brought up an interesting point which gave me the theme of today's blog. He noted the following point;

"Women want the chivalry of yesteryear but the independence of today."

I had to agree that this was a very interesting point. I am in no way sexist, chauvinistic or old fashioned. Neither is my friend. I just want to get that point out the way before I am attacked by any feminists out there!
My friend's point was that women want to be taken out for dinner, treated nicely, have their chair pulled out for them, their coat taken off them. Maybe there might be a homeless person in the restaurant selling roses and you are expected to buy one (ok that doesn't happen often).

Today is 2010 ladies and although you expect to be treated well by a guy in line with the old fashioned ways, you also expect to be treated fair in the workplace and just about everywhere else in the World. I don't remember the last time a girl took a guy out and paid for dinner and pulled out his chair etc. Men and women are expected to behave in a certain way around each other and usually in a social situation; chivalry is expected from the guy.  What we were trying to figure out last night was that girls want the old fashioned values when it suits them but then when it comes to the social norms and sexist views of guys, girls are the first person to cry blue murder. This obviously isn't true of all girls but you can't have your cake and eat it all the time now can you ladies.

My mum decided that me and my brother were not going to be sexist pigs when we were younger and had us doing god knows how many chores including ironing, cooking and cleaning. When I went to university the girls in my dorm were far messier than the guys...just saying!

On our little road of discovery in conversation we hit upon 'attractive girls, and 'unattractive' girls. The conversation wasn't actually as bad as you think. My friend pointed out that for instance, most secretaries/recptionists are girls. When you walk into a company, the first person you usually see is an attractive girl sitting at the desk. This usually comes from the decision of the boss (whether male or female) to employ someone attractive to represent the face of the company. It makes good business sense right?  You wouldn't want to walk in and be confronted by some big hairy beast with spots and sweaty hair stuck to the forehead. Again, older women, maybe not so attractive might be put to the back of the office to answer calls. Maybe they are married or just older and wiser and a warm homely voice makes men comfortable on the phone.

As we were standing in the bar titled 'Wild Beavers' (yeah, you work it out), we saw how all the bar tenders were female and all of them were wearing very little. Obviously little clothes equal more sales in beer. These women are not stupid; they make a ton in tips by wearing very little. So do strippers. When a male boss comes onto a pretty girl in the office, sexual harassment cases start up and feminists come out everywhere saying how outrageous it is to be treated this way in the workplace. You rarely ever here of guys taking sexual harassment cases to court because they would normally be ridiculed for turning down a woman. I'm just saying ladies, you dress in barely anything to get our attention, and you do expect to be treated like a lady and then when it all gets a bit too much, the word inequality seems to surface.

Which sex has all the power? I don't know. Women know how to get things when it suits them in my opinion. We guys are far simpler in our needs and wants. I'm just trying to give a little high five to all the guys out there who try hard to make sure they are not old fashioned sexist pigs. We don't get praised for it much.

Lastly, in the words of Dave Chappelle...

"Chivalry is dead.....and women fucking killed it!"



    Adrian Jackson - How could I hate ladies? My mum's one! (ok borrowed from the office)


    September 2010