Do you ever have that conversation with friends about what you wanted to be when you was a kid? I always find it funny that 90% of everyone you talk to about what they wanted to be is not what they turned out to be. Take me for instance.....when I was a kid I wanted to be a vet (kids and animals always seems to go together) but I mainly just wanted to wear the white doctors cloak they wear! As I got a little older, I wanted to just be a Scientist. I didn't know what field, I figured that all Scientists were just called Scientisits! Again the white jacket wearing thing was very appealing to me.

I am 25yrs old now and my career aspirations and dreams have taken so many different paths it nearly makes me laugh out loud to think of being a child and simply naming a career you wanted and thinking it would happen.
When I was 15-16 I wanted to be a policeman. I believe in the law and Public Service that much. I even enrolled on a two year course in Public Services which I completed. I never ended up being a policeman though. After that career dream, I went travelling to Australia and New Zealand and when I got back I just wanted money and ended up in Insurance for three years. I even believed that was my path and I would really go career with it but slowly after time that seem feeling crept in where I knew I was not satisfied. I got out of that and took night classes in counselling. I finished that and went to America for the summer teaching kids to climb and do basic photography before I realised that I really wanted University more than anything else.
Once I got to University I started to study Law and Criminology and although I enjoyed it, I knew it wasn't for me. I didn't want to be a lawyer, it just seemed a safe and decent degree. I took a deep breath and enrolled in American Studies, a small, unheard of degree in most Universities that involves literature, History, Politics, Film and a few other subjects. I never looked back, especially when it led me to study in America where I now live.

Career choices and deciding what you want to be never happens overnight. Sometimes it takes a life time. I meet many people who tell me they wanted to be something great but gave up and now work just to survive. It's a tough story that never gets old to my ears. I always tell people they are never too old to follow that dream. My dream right now is to become a teacher. I want to teach history to high school kids and make a difference just like I did when I wanted to be a Vet, a Scientist, a policeman and half a dozen other careers I nearly followed.

Everyday while I'm in America I get closer to that dream