It is already Wednesday and I have no idea where the week goes. If this is how fast life goes, I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow and i'll be 80 (if I live that long). 

So another week and nothing out of the ordinary which makes me have to look closer at my activities in order to fill these pages with something a little more interesting. 

Well classes so far this week have been a little bit dull. Well that said, I missed Tues morning and on Tuesday afternoon we watched segments of the movie, 11th September. I think that was what it was called. Basically a year after 9/11, directors from all over the World were asked to make a movie about their interpretation of 9/11. They have 11 minutes and 9 seconds each to create their movie. Sadly the whole thing was one big mess. Sean Penn, probably the most famous director, made a hash of his interpretation using Ernest Borgnine as the sole actor in the film. It seemed a strange way to interpret 9/11 but then, I am no film director so who am I to judge.

So apart from 9/11 films, I also watched 'The Hurt Locker' which is up for this years most Oscars along with Avatar. This was a great film. I'd recommend to anyone. It basically follows a bomb disposal unit in Iraq. Very graphic though. 

I also watched  Giant this week. Made in 1956 this was James Dean's last film and he died before it was completed. It always makes me smile watching old pictures and how things seemed a lot more simple back then. Giant looks at Texas and the cattle/oil trade. Very entertaining even though it is 3.5 hours long.

So that just leaves my day today. Since I have been broke lately and living on potatoes, I got some money into my bank account today and went out and got a haircut. When I get my haircut it always feels like quite an event because I normally do it every 5-6 months and my hair looked stupidly long. I have this barbers in Derby that I go to where it is £10 to get a cut. I'm not always sure why I go there because the guy who cuts my hair loves to make jokes about students. As I walked through the door and sat in the chair, he did not disappoint. So we talked about no job employment for graduates, spoilt students, Derby University itself and then he was finished. He didn't look too happy when I didn't tip him, but I figured he'd work it out, me being a student with no future prospects.

So what else did I treat myself to having being broke for so long? Well let me enlighten you. Some toothpaste, some shampoo and some deodrant. Maybe i'm getting too old since the joys of having money now are spent on haircuts and toiletries. 



    Adrian Jackson - yes I did have a hairstyle like that when I was younger. NO that isn't me.


    February 2010