So it is Thursday in America and for the most part of the day it is sad to say that I lazed around after a heavy night of drinking at the Vogue. Please don't think in anyway this whole blog is about drinking and partying. 95% of the blog is but that 5% is certainly worth tuning in for!

Well just before college night at Howl at the Moon, I met a good friend for dinner at Buc which is an Italian restaurant that serves HUGE food portions (you like what I did there with the font size thing? Get it? no? Whatever).

After dinner (and it was a fantastic dinner, I troddled along to Howl at the Moon. Now Thurs are college night and luckily my IUPUI student I.D was still in date from last year so I went straight in entry free. Since I was meeting friends here, I took a seat and listened to the piano players. Howl at the Moon is a piano bar but it has some of the best performers in the city. The guys can play anything you request with no sheet music. Awesome. 

So the friends show up and we're off to a good start. Suddenly we turn to our left and there is an old granny knocking the Whiskie back on college night! If this wasn't amusing enough, the lil minx then started dancing on stage with a young guy to raptious applause from the audience. I hope that when I turn 80 I will still be doing that. It didn't end well for granny though, we turned around later and she was throwing her guts up. Better luck next time!.