Well, it is Mon morning and I open my eyes in the future country that I want to live in. It feels great apart from the fact that I am only here for 2 weeks.

So we are up, showered and out the door for breakfast with friends. When I lived here for 8 months of last year, we used to go to a place called La Peep which is fantastic for breakfast. One of the many small things that I have always enjoyed in America was unlimited Coffee when you go out for breakfast. Just keep topping that coffee up M'am.

So a full omlette and 3 cups of coffee later and I am showing the older brother aound. Since it was so cold, this mostly consisted of the mall and more coffee. Indy is a great city (that picture above is of the city) but in the winter it can be limited with walking around and being outside due to the harsh tempe.

We walked around somewhat and then decided to go pick our third companion up from the university. As we got back we all chilled out since the jet lag still was taking effect. Laying around felt good.

Later on we all headed to Bourbon street. This place is a great bar and $1 a beer on a mon. What was going to be a few friends turned into about 15 of us all meeting up. Old friends, new friends etc. This was a great time as everyone got drunk. Even the -5 weather cannot stop people coming out to drink!

The night was completed with a visit to the living room lounge. A dive bar that we used to drink in. $2 pitchers made sure the night ended in a blur. Still, my pool game improved vastly.

Day 1 a complete success filled with drinking, friends and great times.

Lastly my brother showed me this music video which was made on a loop of about 30 seconds and then performed live. The song is excellent and anyone reading this should watch it.



    Adrian Jackson - worked in Wisconsin for two summers teaching climbing and photography..


    January 2010