Blog update three from America and so far I have been in the States for 3 weeks. Life couldn’t be better….

Having adjusted to being away, building up a friendship group again and feeling comfortable with my life choices, I have to say that things have been good around here. Life in Indy is getting back to the way things used to be…hanging out in coffee shops (which is where I am writing this update now), going out for breakfast, hanging out with friends and living a care free life (ok not care free but less stressful).

So Indy itself….well there has been 2 weeks of crazy storms. 30 degrees in the day, flash floods at night. Fortunately I live in a house with a great basement. The weather is hot here though and the summer sure is underway.

Today I went down to Ivy Tech Community College which is a university of sorts but more for working people. Since I have been here I have been applying for volunteer jobs and today I went down to Ivy Tech with a woman called Marge (see my earlier blog about her) and she introduced me to a load of lecturers since she is a lecturer herself. The most interesting and eccentric lecturer was a guy named Jack who was a history teacher. When I walked into his room, it was adjourned with pictures of Lincoln, Sir Walter Raleigh, Martin Luther King etc and every inch was covered with books. To be honest his office was awesome. So I spoke with Jack and then was introduced to a ton of lecturers who asked me what I was looking for. Bottom line, I’m hopeful for some research, volunteer, tutoring prospects.

Another story to mention that freaked me out today as I was driving along…..a motorbike was going down the street on 46th and College without a rider. The bike was heading straight for us without a bloody rider. Looked a bit up the street and about 30-40 feet from the bike was a guy sliding across the road where a car had hit the guy. The bike went off from its straight line, mounted the kerb and straight over a hedge into someone’s front garden. The car decided to drive off and leave the guy pretty badly lying in the street. What was more astonishing than the hit and run AND the ghost bike was that cars literally just drove by the rider lying in the road to go about their business. We stopped and called 911 only to be accused of maybe hitting the rider. I think the guy will survive apart from a gash in his head. Not just your average crash I suppose.

Lastly, after three years of university, I finally set up my Xbox 360 thanks to Roy and lending some cables. I am now hooked on Gears of War and will seek to save the human race from all these alien/locust/nasty things.



    Adrian Jackson - living in Indy (the picture on the right).


    June 2010