There are a few reasons why I thought i'd pay homage to today's topic which is on movies. My main reason is that i'm a big fat nerd. My second reason is that right in front of my face, blasphemous words were spoken today about a trilogy that I love and thirdly i'm hungover from partying last night so I figured why not write about film.

I love movies! All my life I have watched as many movies as i can. I wish I knew how many that was but it must be a couple of thousand surely. I own a quite large DVD collection back in England. I used to own a large video collection and i'd imagine not far in the future I will switch to Blu-Ray. Some people think watching movies is a waste of time and money but I couldn't disagree more. I think if you are sitting down, enjoying watching a movie, that isn't time wasted. Being in America and going to the movies is a big part of my lifestyle (I mean - I don't go all the time but a couple of times a month). I'm the kind of guy who will put a movie on and then be like "oh wait watch this bit it's awesome" or "how the hell can you not appreciate this movie?!" Nerdy right? Well whatever, that is me! 

I studied film as a small part of my degree in Derby. American studies as a culture obviously has to encompass film. I've been to Hollywood and done the walk of fame. It's kind of cool. I really like the British film scene as well. When England does a good movie, it does it well. Trainspotting, Lockstock, Snatch etc. Mind you, when I was growing up, my mum subjected me to a lot of her movies as well. I used to see Charlton Heston movies like The Ten Commandments, Planet of the Apes, The Greatest Show on Earth etc. I saw Alfred Hitchcock movies, Clint Eastwood movies, James Stewart movies, John Wayne movies and so on. I liked all of them especially as I got older. Bond movies were a big part of my childhood as well, I know all the Bond's, trivia, anything. Ask me sometime. I'm like an encyclopedia on Bond.

Sci-fi and gangster films were not a big part of my mum's movie collection. She liked the classics but never cared for sci-fi really. I LOVE sci-fi and gangster movies and anyone that hates it should really get their tastebuds checked. I think sci-fi is creative, clever and usually gives us a glimpse of the future. I mean, sure I watched Star Trek as a kid, not religiously and certainly not the crap Star Trek series they throw out now. Star Wars is maybe one of my biggest movie favs. Anything that can take me out of reality for a while is def worth a watch.

So today, I was sitting down watching Dogma (ya know, the one with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and it's all about God and mythology etc) and one of the characters references a quote from Indiana Jones "NO TICKET" and since I treated Anna to a showing of it a couple of weeks back (we bought a VHS tape of it for $0.99 from Goodwill since we are so poor), I quizzed her about what line that was taken from and she hadn't a clue. After that disappointment she looked at her friend Molly who admitted she hadn't seen any of the Indiana films and Anna remarked "your not missing much." I was f*****g stunned readers. How dare anyone say that about Indiana movies. Sure people can have an opinion but NOT when it concerns that little major blockbuster franchise. Indiana was a hero of mine growing up. He went to little lost parts of the planet and recovered ancient artifacts and not because he wanted to make a quick buck but because he was Harrison Ford and wanted to save humankind usually. The 4th film was a pile of crap by the way. Made me cry what they done to my hero. Anyway with that little rant aside...

So what is my most fav movie? Not really sure. I have a huge thing for trilogies, especially Indy, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Back to the Future and of course...The Godfather. Also I saw Inception multiple times at the cinema so I got to put that way up there on my list. At least with a trilogy, you can invest time and effort in the same characters. Sometimes 2hrs is just not good enough to put stock in a character. I don't care after 2hrs if someone might die usually. You take me on a 6,9,12hr journey and sure i'm going to be sad for a week when one of these folks dies who i've come to know!

With all this nerdy blogging today, i'm going to stop right there but for anyone that appreciates a good movie and the effort and time it can take to make such a masterpiece.....watch The Godfather part I and II.

I'll be back.



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