Well now having survived graduation, it was time to leave Derby. Before I left I spent the last extremely hot weekend in Ashbourne at my friend Jason's house. Jason's family adopted me over the last Christmas gone and I can honestly say it was one of the best I ever had but hey I'm getting off topic here! 
The weekend in Asbourne was great. We spent Saturday digging for a new patio and spent Saturday evening having an awesome bbq with people. The day after was spent doing much the same. 

After Ashbourne it was my last night out in Derby. Having surprisingly packed on the Monday before I left, Tuesday gave me time to say bye to my friends etc and see Derby one last time. Me and my house watched the England friendly game and then headed to town. First stop - Friary. Now since I surrendered my passport and driving licence to the American embassy for my visa, I was left with no I.D. No I.D meant no entry into my favourite pub and so we headed to Varsity instead. Nursing a pint and a bad mood because I didn't get in, me, Lucy, Adam and James plotted how we would get back into the Friary and past the idiot bouncer. Ingeniously the three of them went through the front, into the beer garden and opened the back gate and I waltzed in. Result.
After a few doubles in the Friary, we headed to Mosh. Again, no I.D meant potential no entry. The bouncer saw me coming and proceed to mistake me for someone else and said "i'm sorry for last week mate I was way out of line telling you to f**k off. I had a long night and I was in a bad mood." He then proceed to shake my hand. Not being one to turn down a glorified moment with a bouncer I told him it was fine we all get like that and walked straight into Mosh. The bouncer obviously had the wrong person but the whole thing seemed so funny I wasn't going to tell him it wasn't me he told to f**k off!

So we got drunk in Mosh, danced around like idiots and left. I hit the sack about 2am in a drunken mess only to wake at 11am and pack my things into my Dad's very small car. Waved goodbye to Derby and that was it, after three years, Derby is no longer my home. 

I have not been back to Southend (my hometown), since Oct so it always brings me back down memory lane. Being back, staying with my brother and seeing Alex after school made my day. We even planned a sleepover for tomorrow after I pick my little monkey up from school. 

That was my day and my move. Hungover, emotional, excited and tired!