Friday and it has been a long week. Getting back from America, starting classes and taking up running again has left this student whacked.

So new classes and my last class which was Thurs evening was American Dark Noir. I always have to take 1 literature class a semester which I don't actually enjoy but try to keep an open mind. Well this class didn't seem to sway me sadly. I'm not your exact literature type. This isn't to say that I don't like to write (having a blog and all) but I find it tough looking into things that do not have an exact answer which is why I prefer history and politics (yeah I know, politics never has a clear answer).

So talking of politics (along with religion being the two topics you should never talk about with people) I had a fantastic chat/abusive facebook chat with an American. Now before I write such an article, I agreed with myself that I would not use this blog to laugh, poke fun at or name and shame people and since this was such a hot topic I'll pace around it carefully since it might offend (like it did this person).

Facebook obviously, like this blog, is a place to share ideas and views. When I caught a friends status noting that;

English parliamently committee states wearing a veil is "contrary to the values of the republic". GAG first france, not you too
england! prohibiting muslim women to choose is islamophobia, not a "concern for their freedoms and liberties".

I felt compelled to ask how she felt about it. Obviously this is a well educated and smart girl, not your typical American. The repsonse back was that
England is vile for considering such a thing, that myself as well as the rest of the country was supporting some form of ayrian race and asked who are we to tell people who can pray to which God and who can wear what. I offered another side to the argument that many people felt that England was exploding with illegal immigrants, that in such times people do turn to extreme views and that this was nothing new. I was promptly informed that there was no link between immigration and clothing and was then told how bad a country we were. 

Firstly anyone wondering my own disposition on racism I would tell that I whole heartedly support diversity, I do not agree with certain things in our Government and I try and deliver a counter balance argument which is what I suggested to one angry American right here. I also can see why more and more people are turning to our BNP party, why the English feel their identity is being lost. Our immigration laws lax, our free health care overwhelmed, our jobs scarce and anger building in a country that has done more for immigrants and third World countries than I'd imagine America and many other countries could claim. Do I still believe in
England? Yes. I feel we are a country that offers its hand to others in need and not just so we get a good rap in the media World. 

Of the 2% of Muslims living in our Country, only about 2,000 of that population in
England wear a full veil or niqab. This is a small percentage and in no way has been banned or is being banned in the near future. It has however been raised in Parliament and more drastic action has been taken in France. I again do not believe in the banning of this yet I see the need for England to talk about and in some cases try to preserve some of its own culture. From a rant from a friend who seemed so angry about such things, I would question how such a free country only up until recently allowed African Americans the right to vote and then to cast such strong opinions on us. This is before the argument moves onto  how Muslims are treated in America. Which to many Americans are referred to as 'terrorists,' 'Iraqis' and other names I feel it is unfair to mention when I have been standing with Saudi Arabian friends in bars in America.

As my friend mentioned, trying to protect ones culture while not trying to infringe on another is the first steps of diplomacy and therefore has to be discussed for progress to be made. 

If anyone is interested in the article then I have posted a link. If I have offended anyone in this article then I apologise, that is not my intention, other than maybe my angry American friend who yes I feel read an article and exploded in my (facebook) face.

And lastly yes I have taken up running as per my title. It hurts like hell but I have done about 6 miles this week and now I am logging off so I can remove my feet.