Its been 3 weeks since I updated my blog and I apologise sincerely for the lack of my writing skills. Graduation, moving and everything else took its toll and so my blog took a direct hit from that. 

Over the next two weeks (before I leave for my epic voyage across the Atlantic), I am going to try and write some entries on different themes, thoughts and feelings before I leave since there is so many things going on right now.

So today is part one and I am officially a graduate. I finished my last exam just under a week ago and it feels great. I don't get my grades back until June/July time so there is a small chance I might have failed but otherwise apart from that, I am done. Reminiscing over the last three years brings back many great memories of how good university really is. 

I started university in 2007 after working in America, working in an office job and raising my son. It was a big decision to leave all that and start a new life for three years in a different part of the country. Looking back, I don't regret it for a second. All the friends I made, the great times shared, the bad times, the (many) drunken times and the learning of different subjects, texts, videos, topics, discussions and more that I may never have discovered had I not gone. 

I want to congratulate everyone I know who graduated this year as well. My house mates, friends at Derby, my friends in America etc. I'm not the only one who has just gone through the last few months of stress and hell.

So now this chapter of my life is over and i'm straight onto the next one...America.



    Adrian Jackson - a BA (hons) in American Studies. 


    May 2010