It has been 2 weeks since I made my epic voyage across the Atlantic and I have only updated my blog once since then. I apologise. In fact there has been a few reasons I have not updated but mostly, having graduated from University, moved country and trying to find my feet has kind of left me in an anti social mood with keeping up connections with people. I don't know if anyone else feels like this? I guess this transitional period will go but right now I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing and where I am going so try keep with me folks.

So life in Indy? Is it what I thought and hoped for? Yes and no. Obviously I spent 7 months here last year studying and that was a fantastic time. Now that studying is over and there are the responsibilities of paying bills and rent and relationships, it is a difficult period and not so much the party life style any more. Keeping busy is key and so far I have been doing gardening, applying for volunteer work at a high school, looking around for other work and again, certain things I can't mention on my blog (don't worry I have not become a male escort).

World Cup....... My single biggest regret about leaving England during the period that I did was the fact that I am missing the World Cup. it is not a big deal in America, in fact most people don't even know it is on. I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last blog but the first game against the USA, I got a group together and we went to a bar about 1:30pm to watch the game. Obviously it was a disappointing game but I wore my England shirt regardless and when i walked into a bar called OPT's, the whole bar turned and boo'd me which worked out to be about 150-200 people. I prayed to God that England scored right there and then but alas they didn't. I think being a lone England supporter in American was the single loneliest thing of my life!
The second match I tuned into the radio online to listen which was via ESPN radio. Luckily they had an English commentator and an American. The match was even worse than the USA game and it left me feeling I wasn't missing much at all!

 So life here in Indy is going well. I'm hoping to start volunteering at a high school in the next couple of weeks and I'm about to try start a new photo project which I will post online soon.

Would love to hear some comments from people on the World Cup.


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