Well where do I start with my blog now that I am in America? The big adventure has started and I am already a week behind on here.

For certain reasons there are things I can and cannot write about on my blog. Opportunities I am seeking, avenues I am exploring so not everything will be made crystal clear as you read.

So I am here...America....the promised land. Having left all my great friends in Essex, had many leaving drinks and goodbyes, me, my friend Allan and Olly left Southend to go to Heathrow last Friday night. My flight was at 6am and we arrived at the airport at 1am. To say I was nervous was an understatement.

Since my flight was a one way, I had to fly to Rome before flying to Chicago?? 6am my flight took off from Heathrow and I landed in Rome 2 hours later. Having never been to Rome before, I walked around the airport amongst all the Italians for 45mins before I stumbled across a huge group of American's sitting around. Having decided this must be my flight before even looking at the sign, I got on the plane.
Now I've been on many flights in the past, some good, some bad but this had to be the most BORING flight I ever got on. 10 hours from Rome to Chicago and not even them little screens in the back of the chair. I mostly just sat there reading, sleeping and listening to my Ipod.

3pm and I land in Chicago. Having got through customs (difficultly) I grabbed my backpack (just the one) and headed out into the terminal. My friend Roy was there with his girlfriend to pick me up so I slung the bag in and off we went. I was in American baby.

We got into Indianapolis about 8pm and nothing had really changed or felt different. It all felt like I had never really left.

We got ready at Roy's place and went over to Anna's so a group of us could go out in Broad Ripple. Broad Ripple is an area full of college clubs and bars and always a great night. We had some beers in The Tavern before setting out to a variety of places with each location making us more and more drunk. By the time the evening ended I was jet lagged, drunk and in a different country. Roll on tomorrow!

Now before I finish up this blog post, over the last few months people have told me how brave I am for moving to another country. My little American adventure has been in operation for at least 6-7 months and I tell people it isn't so much brave but stupid and crazy. What I would like to tell people is that life is too short to pass up your dreams and I know that if you have something that means so much to you, you will find a way to make it happen.


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    June 2010