When last I wrote, my dissertation was due in and I was in the middle of a work melt down. Well, not much has changed I suppose.....

I handed the dissertation in, sadly I wasn't happy with the end result. It seemed very put together and didn't flow like the way that an essay should. Still, maybe I was just unhappy with it because I had spent so long on the damn thing.

I got an essay due in last week, I have one due this week, one next week and two exams and I am done. Next month i'll be in America so time is going crazy fast. We had our Mayball two days previous which is what I thought i'd write about.........

Mayball at Derby University is quite an event. It is like an end of year party with a bit of style. We had both Pendulum (DJ set) and Tinchy Stryder perform as well as a bunch of other bands but what was the best thing was dressing up in sutis etc (I personally went for a waistcoat) and spending time with your friends before you graduate. My brother decided to get in on the action and came up on the Friday and then Saturday we all chilled out, drank some beer and waited for the evening to come. 
About 5pm we all started getting ready and by 8pm everyone looked smart. We had a bunch of people show up for drinks and it turned into about 15 of us by the time we left to go to Mayball. I was already half cut.
The night went well, I drank too much as did everyone. Some of the boys went on the bumper cars that were there. We all managed the headphone disco as well as the VIP area. Mu housemate even used the Oxygen bar!

Was still dancing when the sun came up and then went to Walkabout for the after party the next day at about 7am. Needless to say I stumbled back home and passed out.

Great night had by all.