Slogging as written in my title is actually a word I had to Google just to make sure it was real. The definition I got was: 

slog - plug away: work doggedly or persistently; "She keeps plugging away at her dissertation."

It seemed ironic that the word dissertation should come up in a spell checker since I have been 'plugging away' at mine. 

So the dissertation is owning my life right now. It is due this Friday and I cannot wait to sink it without a trace. I might post a link to it sometime in the future when I can bare myself and others to look at it. At the moment though I can't look at it without wanting to punch the screen.

So in other not so eventful areas of my life I have been drinking quite a lot and smoking as well. I'm trying to quit but getting stressed over work and the future makes me want some nicotine in my body. This is a habit I will have to break.

A Volcano erupted last week, that was exciting but i'm guessing not for the millions of people stranded all over the World - one of which is my Polish friend Julian stuck in New York.  Also the three leading party leaders for the general elections went on TV last week to have it out. This has never happened before and now everyone is raving about the Liberal Democrats which seems silly to me and also is the topic of my dissertation on how much influence TV can have on people. So Nick Clegg looked good on TV huh? I'm sure he can run the country then based on that one appearance.

So today is a Tuesday and all my house mates have come back which is good stuff. Having a house to yourself for 3 weeks is nice but it gets old quick. 3 of us went out last night into Derby and got very drunk. It was the 1st Monday back after the break so everyone was out drinking and partying. We went to Mosh which is always a good time. No one Moshes though which is misleading. Again I needed to spell check that to make sure it was actually a word. Says:

Moshing or slamming refers to the activity in which audience members at live music performances aggressively push or slam into each other. 

I've only got 1.5 months left until my American adventure starts which i'm thinking is when this blog will get super interesting. Up until then you will have to make do with dictionary definitions and my drinking and smoking habits. Oh I did boil 2 eggs the other day to put in a salad. Maybe i'm not so boring after all.

Stay tuned reader.



    Adrian Jackson - ate a Mcdonalds chicken burger and loved it. Fact.


    April 2010