I realised I had not posted a blog since late August which is surprisingly inefficient considering how much has happened since then. I'm not even sure I have enough time to post everything that has happened (I am currently revising for an exam) but I'll give it a shot!

So anyone who knows me well enough to talk to knows that I am currently out of work. This is kind of my own fault if I am honest as I lost my job. To say little of it, my manager and me fell out (I would love to put the individual on blast here but that isn't what my blog is about). This worked out well since I despised my job. Ever have a job where you hated going in to said particular job everyday and just wanted to throw yourself out the window? That was me. Leaving that job made me ten times happier....

So now I am currently unemployed and trying to find work in something that will a) pay the bills and b) not make me want to take my own semi-young life. As I put down earlier in this blog, I want to teach and have been blitzing every school with C.V's, calls, letters applications etc to no avail. What with teaching being almost-recession proof, there just doesn't seem to be any availability. Actually it is more like hitting my head against a brick wall but I hope eventually the wall will start to crack and not my head.

So apart from job searches and joining the 2,000,000 unemployed, I had some visitors come over to stay from America. In fact it was a welcome break from all the job searching and head butting walls. As per standard American visit it involved London tours, Essex tours and lots of drinking and partying. If I was more in the 'having guests over from America' market, I think I could make a living as a tour guide.

Since it is November, we have already bypassed Halloween. Me and my brother Andy threw a very fun, successful Halloween party which had a great turn out of funny costumes. The highlight being Tim dressed as banana man (epic win) and Andy dressed as a rather lame cowboy (epic fail). 

Other than all of the above, I decided to go back to Adult College to get a few extra qualifications I may or may not have messed up at school. In fact being unemployed, it does at least give some structure to my un-working week. I have a big exam next week so am swotting up right now. Just decided to take a quick break to update this blog. Unless someone wants to do my revision on Histograms and Cumulative frequency (I have no idea why I need to know this). 

So that is all the updates I can think of (oh and I turned 27 end of Sep - more groans). There is more updates than that but I thought I would give the highlights. I might actually post a full on (employment) rant in the next post and get a bit more political.

To everyone that keeps logging in to read, I appreciate you very much.