Where to begin? I've not posted a new blog entry since November last year. Shocking I know. Amazingly, people still log in to check my blog for which I am very grateful. I am sorry I have not updated it in so long. There is no excuse really other than that I've just not found the time.

So I am back and it would be impossible to sum up the last 8-9 months on here. There have been lots of changes though. Some good, some bad. Some very upsetting. 

Before I update you with my less than ordinary life, I wanted to dedicate this post to someone who lived an extraordinary life. My friend Jen who sadly passed away on Friday 24th August 2012. Earlier in my blog I wrote a page on Jen and her struggle with her illness. Jen more than encouraged me to write, especially with this blog. Since we shared a literary World together, this seemed more appropriate to write a post. Maybe readers could go back in the blog and look at my last post of this amazing girl. 

I don't want to dwell on how upsetting it is that she has left us, she wouldn't want that. Jen lived everyday of her life grateful for what she was given. She never moaned or pitied herself for being less fortunate with her illness and there was a humbleness and bravery in which very few of us will ever hope to achieve. I miss you so much Jen and I know I am not alone. 

One of the fondest memories I have of Jen is going with her to Hadleigh castle on a Sunday evening to watch the sunset. We were very young and this was some years ago but we would drive up to my favourite spot and just watch the scenery up there.  Other times we went to the beach to skip stones. When I studying in America, Jen sent me English chocolate just because she was so caring and I was so hungry. 

Many of these memories were before Jen got really ill and before she got married to a wonderful guy. Like many friendships that I sometimes take for granted, I didn't spend much time with Jen in the last few months. We talked about lunch, we text a little but I never knew Jen was really sick. Again, I was told this is something she hid from many people and she didn't want a fuss made. Typical Jen being someone who never wanted a fuss made over her. Typical Adrian, too hectic to stop and just appreciate some of the better things. 

I hope that anyone reading this has a friend like I had. Someone close. You might not have seen them for sometime but you know you could call them and you'd be right back to where you were with each other. I don't have that option any more and I do urge anyone reading this to really appreciate the good people in your life. Nothing lasts forever but I know that even though Jen was taken at a young age, she touched the lives of so many people that she will never be forgotten. 

I hope you are skipping stones in heaven like I taught you on the beach.

8/31/2012 04:09:34 pm

It's hard when dear friends leave us, but it's only for a little while, because in little moments our friends spirits come and guide us with random thoughts and wishes and lovely strokes of coincidences that remind us that they are still here.

I personally suffered when a dear friend, a jew, named Ben passed away about 5 years ago. Now I realize that he's playing a soundtrack of music in my life, and in the lives of the people that love and miss him. It's amazing how connections are made through trauma and loss.

I'm very sorry to hear that your friend Jen died at such a young age. Sometimes we think life isn't fair.
When this occurs, it's a reminder to not waste one minute thinking about the past or worrying about the future, but to be ever present and watchful over decisions that could steer us morally, ethically, emotionally, and beautifully in a better direction to turn up the lights of the people around us so we can all dance in the fire.

I love you dear friend and I know that Jen wants you to be happy because you made her happy! (how many girls in the world get to watch a sunset by castle ruins in england?!)


8/31/2012 04:47:52 pm

Hey thanks Alicia. You always say the right words. I hope you're ok. Although it was some time ago, I am sorry about your friend. I do hope that we get to meet up soon miss. x


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