It has been nearly a week since I updated my blog and despite my lack of writing, there has been no lack in the other important things in life...drinking, partying, eating junk food and meeting up with friends. So where does this blog pick up from last week? Tuesday? let me think...

So after aking up with a huge hangover from the $1 beers of last night, I decided to get some coffee and read a book. There is a small coffee shop in the Northern part of Indy called monon coffee. I used to go here last year to do homework and meet with friends but today I found myself with a huge hangover. The coffee helped. 

Later on in the day I got the bus downtown and then a cab to my friends apartment. On the way I had a long conversation with the driver who was from Somalia. The conversation mostly was about America, Obama and racism which was interesting. The cab driver mentioned that he was in school for chemistry and that the cab business was a family owned business. I found this interesting since he was the first cab driver I had met who was in school. He mentioned how he had lined up for 2 hours to vote for Obama back in Nov 2008. Was hard to imagine anyone lining up for that long to vote in England.

Later that day I chilled in the apartment and tried to recover. I even played modern warfare on the xbox 360. I had never played this game before and realised I was really missing out on the whole game phenomenon! What a nerd!

So tues night and we went to Howl at the Moon. A piano bar which is alot of fun. Sadly it wasn't very busy but still just as fun. We requested the usual English songs...Oasis, Queen, robbie Williams (we didn't request the latter they just seemed to want to sing Angels). 

Later in the evening we went to another bar to see a friend who worked there and had a few more beers. It was a goodnight but the Wed night at Vogue is going to be the big one!

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