Ok well since the last few blogs have been about drinking in America and partying, I figured i'd summarise the last week since it consisted mostly of the week before...drinking and partying and meeting up with friends. On a more interesting note the Colts (American football team of Indiana) won the playoffs which I was told is a kind of semi final). This puts them closer to the final. I don't follow NFL though sorry guys.

We hit Bourbon street on the Mon again like always. Couldn't deny ourselves $1 beers. Tues was quiz night at the bar I used to work at last summer which is always a fun time. Wed was back to the Vogue where everyone got so wasted my bro threw up and our friend Molly cried tearless tears about nothing really. Always a great time.

Thurs me and Andy had to have an early night as I was driving to Chicago the next day to take any to the airport but not before we had one last meal at Bucca to say thank you to Roy for putting up with our alcoholic asses for nearly 2 weeks.

Fri morning we set off for Chicago at about 7:30am. The drive to Chicago is a sad one really. You drive for about 2 hours through cornfields and then you hit Gary (the hometown of MJ) which is one of the poorest, most crime ridden cities in the US. It used to be one of the biggest steel manufacturing plants in the World before that was moved to Asia and so just like Detroit, Gary fell into decline. Sad how things like that happen. Places are forgot. 

So we drop Andy off at the airport and it is back to Indy. Was so tired from the journey but managed a couple of drinks down Broad Ripple.

Saturday and we run to Molly's house so I can kick her ass on mario kart 64 (she challenged me) and so her I killed her at it. The rest of the day was running errands etc and then meeting Roy to say goodbye that evening. Goodbyes suck. i'm glad coming back. 

Back to driving Chicago Sunday morning, locking ourselves out the car in the terminal (a long story that ended well) and then a 24 hour journey that puts me right back in Derby at the student house. 

Sorry for the summary guys, I was falling behind!

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