Easter is here and that gives us students at Derby a 3 week holiday. That would be nice if it wasn't spent everyday working on class work and dissertations. Who am I kidding with that statement? Well a majority of it is spent on work. 

So all my housemates have gone home for Easter which gives me time alone to do my work. The same happened at Christmas and it is nice to get some quiet to work. 

So inbetween visits to the library and walking home with a stack of neatly balanced books in my arms, I have been meeting up with the few stragglers left in Derby. Namely Lucy and Nadja, two of my friends from 1st year.

So Friday past I was asked out for a drink with Lucy since all this work was driving us crazy. We went down to the Weatherspoons pub in Derby (Weatherspoons being these huge old pubs). When we got there it was £1 entry as it was charity night for the deaf. Walking into a pub full of deaf people was quite a new experience. There was a very quiet atmosphere as everyone was signing to one another. It made me wish I could understand a little. Still, the bar staff looked like they were having a harder time as large numbers of deaf people were trying to order their drinks. 

Later that night I went to Mosh (a local alternative nightclub) where me and some friends had many drinks and very little coordinated dance moves. My night ended walking home at 3am alone. 

A visit to Lincoln tomorrow might help my hangover!  

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