Carrying on from my title page and trying and failing to make my blog seem interesting, I have added a video of 30 Seconds to Mars - Kings and Queens which is one of my favourite bands that are performing next month in Nottingham. Yes I am going to see them!

Well, whilst writing this blog entry I should actually be writing my essay on The Sex Pistols and punk culture of the late 1970's. I needed some distraction though. I'll paste a little history from my essay just to inform anyone who likes them;

The 1970s saw a large gap emerge between working and middle class. Punk was, essentially, a movement of working-class disaffection born out of an economically deprived, recession battered Britain. Britain was deeply racist, decaying and hostile to any kind of difference. England had become a drab rotten place where consumerism and post War had caught up with itself. In 1977 it was the Queen’s silver Jubilee which seemed to serve as a further insult to the working class as her lavish carriage made its way from BuckinghamPalace to St Paul’s cathedral during the parade to celebrate 25 years of her reign while miners were on strike and unemployment rates had risen to over 3 million.

That era feels like now huh? Except the Queen is now so old she barely functions. 

So this week I have two exams and the above paper is due in. Busy busy with revision and then next Sunday I am flying out to Indiana with my house mate and my brother to see friends, party, drink and do some dissertation research. This week cannot go fast enough for me!

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