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In the tradition of writing about what I have been doing lately, I thought I would write about my weekend away to South Carolina, the secession state.

Having had a busy 2 weeks of work and more work, a small roadtrip/vacation was in order and since Anna's aunty lives in South Carolina, we decided to drive down there. This drive sounds quite simple but yet it was 12hrs through Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Tennessee was very mountainous and it took us all night to get there. I had never been down south before so I was quite excited having learnt all about the south in class.

When we arrived the first thing to hit me as I stepped out the car was the heat. It was a very different kind of heat compared to Indy or a hot English summer. It was very hot as though someone was holding a flame not far from you or when you stand a little too close to a fire. It was also very very humid and the two combined made me sweat almost the whole weekend.

Where Anna's aunty and uncle live is on a river not far from the Atlantic sea. The house was fantastic, built on stilts in case the river ever gets to high. When we arrived we napped since we drove all night and then later that day we went out on the river looking for Aligators that live up and down the river. Sadly we didn't see any. :(

That evening revolved around dinner and we had Venison which Anna's uncle had hunted. Anyone wondering what Venison is....Deer. Anna's uncle told us that although he hunts, he is a big conservationist and only hunts in certain areas at certain times of the season as does he fish and all kinds of skills I sometimes wish I had aquired. The Venison was fantastic.

On Sunday we went to Charleston to do a tour and a boat ride out to Fort Sumter. Charleston is right on the ocean and a very pretty city. It is so historic having survived the revolution, civil war and a very large earthquake so most of the buildings are hundreds of years old which for an American town is very old.
Fort Sumter was fantastic......a fort built on a man made bank out to sea which protected the harbour and was a key player in the civil war having being occupied by both the Union and the Confederates. I had a blast walking around such a large part of history.

After Charleston we didn't do too much. relaxed, ate and then headed back on the Monday to good old Indy. Once I upload some pics, I'll show some of Charleston that I took.

8/26/2010 06:10:59 am

You forgot to mention boiled peanuts aka best part of the trip!


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