My dedication to this blog has been wavering for a long time. The last post was to my friend Jen which was well received and the comments and appreciation of such an amazing girl were wonderful. 2012 flew by and it is now 2013. Happy third birthday to my blog and thank you to everyone who might still be following.

What can I post from here on in? Well, as the title suggests (and many friends know) I am in London. I'll give you the run down of the last 5-6 months since I blogged last.

I decided to take my little ol' self up to Derby to live with my good ol' mucka of a friend Jason. We have fun times drinking and debating about the North v South divide. I decided to get a job in a 4* hotel as a receptionist and this is fun for a while because all I've done is bar tending for the last couple of years. All the while I am chasing the eluding dream of becoming a teacher. 

A few weeks back, the order came down to reduce all the workers hours in the company. It's not that I didn't understand why or that I was surprised - many companies suffer through January. When I handed my notice in due to the fact that one cannot survive on minimum wage for a month with very little hours, it wasn't a surprise. No hard feelings and a handshake later and I am in London.

Now, to say the last few months have been challenging and somewhat hard have been an understatement. As I write this blog, I am currently sitting in Camden in a very hipster coffee shop watching the World go by wondering how or what got me here. Due to the hours, the pay and the non teaching avenue that I was pursuing, I decided to leave Derby for what might be the last move in a very long time as I finally, once and for all, set up shop here in London. This city, the place I have flirted with for most of my life but never actually committed to has finally become my home. You could say London is my mistress and I've been cheating on her for a very long time.

My dreams of being a teacher will not be dashed and whilst I will enter the foray of the bar tending World once again, this time in Wimbledon, I will not give up on the dream. 2013, in essence, is my year to fully take control of my life and stop the moving around, the doing-but-never-achieving philosophy that I have embraced for too long. London you are my town and 2013 you are my bitch. 

So with a new blog update, a new town and a new job, even a new life outlook lately, I urge anyone reading this to live your life, let 2013 be your year too and don't forget the friends that made it happen for you. I couldn't have got here without mine. 

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