Everytime I log on to update my blog I feel as though I have left a huge gap with lots of things I should write about. Trying to remember all of them is also part of the problem. 

Last week my American friend Wendy came to stay. She comes from Iowa city (which yes you guessed it...is in Iowa). Wendy and me met when I worked with a guy at summer camp in Wisconsin and he invited me and a bunch of friends to his University town of Iowa city. We went down there after camp and got wasted and met a ton of cool people, one of which was my friend Wendy. 

Last Mon Wendy arrives late at night in Heathrow and gets the bus to Birmingham. I figured it would be a good idea to meet her there at 2am and surprise her rather than allow her to get a taxi from Birmingham to Derby. Sadly though my epic surprise failed and she got off the bus and into the cab before I could see her. Still, she arrives at my house while I'm in Birmingham. Fail.

So last week was spent doing very 'English' things. Apart from lessons (which actually were about the War in Afghanistan), me and Wendy went around Derby, Nottingham and London. Last Wednesday was St Patrick's day and a bunch of us went out at 3pm and got wasted. My grandpa was Irish so I have a little of that blood in my family but we went from 3pm - 3am touring bars, pubs and clubs. By the end we were all a mess.

Nottingham on the Friday was spent at a little tea house called 'The Walk' which was a very traditional little place. The main picture is of Wendy actually sipping her English tea.

On the Saturday we went to London where we toured Tower bridge, the Thames, Houses of Parliament, the Natural History Museum (which I love), Buckingham Palace and some other bits and pieces. It was a fun day. Time we got back we was exhausted. 

Wendy left on the Sunday night to go home and I departed for Manchester for 3 days of work up there. All in all a very productive and busy week. Thanks for coming Wendy!

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