Well, as anyone who knows me knows, I planned to go back to America for the New Year. This was a combination of seeing friends, setting up some stuff for later this year and having a great time.

Saturday night I left for Heathrow airport at about 8pm from Derby. Since my flight was at 9am the next day this was my only option. My brother met me in London and we made it to the airport at about 11:30pm. After a few cups of tea and a mince pie, Andy crashed out on one of them really annoying benches where you wake up feeling like a cripple. I however could not sleep so I stayed on facebook and wandered around a really not exciting terminal. It was amazing how many people were asleep in the weirdest places and positions. I was going to ask a few strangers if I could spoon them but it seemed inappropriate.

Flight was at 9am but with all the terrorist activity, we was patted down many times. There sure was a sense of fear among everyone as we all sat in the check in area wondering about the last couple of weeks of media coverage on the event.

The flight was great and arrived on time in Detroit. The two Jacksons had to run through the terminals though to get to our other flight which was a mile away since Detroit is so large. Just about made that and then it was on to Chicago. Flying in over lake Michigan and seeing the lake edges frozen and the Chicago skyline made me realise even more how much I want to live there even though winters are so harsh.

We grabbed our stuff and rented a car and drove over to Midway to pick up our third amigo before heading to Indiana. The drive was tiring. I had been up for nearly 35 hours and then making a 3 hour drive on the icy dark roads of Indy is more than a challenge but we made it. Got into Indianapolis about 3:30am and got to our friends apartment. Seeing old friends after a long time is a great feeling.

All of us crashed out straight away and as I was the last one to close my eyes, I smiled and realised I was baaaaack!