Wednesday - the big day - Vogue! 

Wednesday is always a great night out, a club called Vogue does a night called Retro Rewind. Basically Talk nightclubs Thurs for anyone that lived in Southend or Zanzibar on a Wednesday night for anyone who lived in Derby. I guess every town has one of these clubs, cheap beer, busy and fun. 

In the day not too much was accomplished. We went to Subway for lunch which was interesting as the woman behind the counter first asked where we was from, then she asked us if everyone from England talks multiple languages?! then seemed surprised to hear that we used different money to American dollars. This made me chuckle. American people can be somewhat ignorant depending where you are.

I found myself picking up the controller to the Xbox 360 again in the afternoon. It was hard to let go.

so the big night and us guys start getting ready. This can sometimes be quite time consuming but we ll looked the part after about 2 hours. No of course i'm joking. 

Before we headed out me and my brother went to my old bar where I used to work to grab dinner. This was great as it allowed me to catch up with my regulars and have a cheeseburger for dinner (in my opinion the best in Indy). We had a few beers and chatted a lot about the state of the economy which is always a hot topic in a bar.

Head back, grab our cars and drive to a friends nearer Broad Ripple where the club is. We cracked open a crate of Bud and started drinking. This changed to a bar in the Tavern where friends turned up to drink with us. One drink turned into 5 drinks and before we knew it everyone was quite drunk and having a great time. We then went to Beavers to watch friends sing on Karoke and then to Vogue, our final destination. 

Vogue was incredibly fun. We drank a ton, danced our faces off and had a great time. Things got blurry roundabout the 2am mark but we did leave and get some Mexican food and then a taxi back to a friends where we all passed out round the place. Great night out and fun times.