I have not updated my blog for over a week now. This makes me feel bad as I am trying to make it follow my life as closely as possible. Still, In one week I have not done a terrible amount of things other than the usual. So lets begin..

Well the week started slow with it being cold and miserable. Classes seemed to drag (an analysis on Vietnam War movies for contemporary cinema and an analysis on The World Trade Center). My dissertation project is coming on terribly slow however I did manage to email my questions and disclaimers to my friend Roy in America who is conducting them with some colleagues who remember the Vietnam War. I might post the results of them on my blog. 
Thursday nights class of American Dark Noir literature dragged even more and I wished to God I could drop that class but alas I cannot.

So Friday came and I have work. Having just taken a job as a student ambassador for the university, I get to do tours and be paid for it. This is actually a fun job where you do small tours and have to answer a ton of questions. You also get to where a bright orange tshirt so your friends can come laugh at you. 

I finished that job at 3pm and rushed home as tonight is 30 Seconds to Mars gig in Nottingham. Having got my ticket a while back and not being able to convince anyone to come whatsoever, I set off for Nottingham alone. I got there way to early so I walked around for a bit and actually had a pint in a pub called the Pit and the Pendulum. This made me smile since I had just read the Pit and the Pendulum for American dark noir literature which is by an author named Poe who almost single handedly invented the American gothic. 

So 1 pint later and I set off for Nottingham trent Arena. It was already very busy when I arrived and I got talking to a few people in the crowd. There was a ton of teenagers there which made me feel stupid. I figured it would be my luck to sit next to some 12yr olds but since I was seated and all the teenagers seemed to lining up in the standing area I thought it might work out. 
6:30pm and the doors open and I go into the arena which was huge. I end up sitting there for a very long time while the areana fills up. I actually didn't sit next to any kids or weirdos so that was kind of nice. The two cover bands came on much later than I thought and were ok. By the time 30stm came on, the crowd were going crazy and the areana had filled up to about 6000 people. Everything was worth the wait as the band performed the best gig I had ever been too. The crowd were going crazy and Jared Leto (front singer) had an amazing voice. It wouldn't do it justice to write on here how amazing it was but I think everyone who declined to come with me missed out big time. 



    Adrian Jackson - Student Ambassador, student liaison mentor, blog writer.


    February 2010