Well it is Tues the 5th Jan. Already a few days into the New Year and it is bloody freezing. It snowed this morning and has caused a ton of disruption to a country that cannot deal with an inch of snow. So England has closed most of its schools, a few airports and the roads are chaos. Thought I would put in a little picture of the snow from the BBC website.

Thankfully I am in my Igloo of a home with a cup of tea trying to revise for an exam tomorrow. Since I take a class on Counter-Culture, my exam question is on Easy Rider, the 1969 movie directed by Dennis Hopper. For anyone who has never seen it, it is worth checking out but is in no way a happy movie.

My Polish friend Julian is coming over tonight to revise on the same question. We think he is a hit man because of the way he acts. He also says an immortal line of "I kill you" when he is displeased. Normally we just feed the guy Vodka and everything is ok.

5 days to go and I will be swapping nice freezing England for even colder freezing Chicago. As long as the flights are not ruined by snow or any other terrorists decide to try and get on my flight to Detroit then everything should be fine.



    Adrian Jackson - likes to write, has good acuracy with a snowball, likes John Mayer sometimes.


    January 2010